Boku no Hero Academia 231 Spoilers

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Boku no Hero Academia 231 Spoilers

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MHA 231: Path

While the batttle for AFO's successor rages on, in Osaka, Hawks waits for contact from someone but doesn't get any despite it being the appointed time.

Flashback to earlier where he's on the phone with Dabi --Hawks is acting like he doesn't know, but he's already figured that he'll be cut down without a second thought if he's not useful or if they think the risks will outweigh the rewards. Dabi says next time will be the last (test?) he says that they intend to get the loyalty of the anti-establishment and they're relying on him.

He --Hawks goes to visit Best Jeanist, who reveals that he's lost a lung and that he's thinking of telling people this since many await his return. Hawks says that's a shame before appearing to attack him, commenting in the present that people's resolution should go uninterrupted.

Meanwhile Spinner tells Shigaraki that there are heroes coming to the city in hot pursuit so they're screwed no matter what they do. Twice shows up and now he's able to multiply, so Shiggy tells him to open a path to the tower. Spinner comments that Twice should be good enough for this but Shiggy says that he likes Giran too much and he (Shiggy) won't forgive the Liberation army for playing with people's hearts.

A guy (translator didn't know his name, sorry) from the government comes and deems the Villain alliance dismantled here and now --as the new age will be people using their abilities to stomp out evil. He tries to insight people --ordinary people to fight against them saying anyone can be a hero and Spinner knows this'll only hold Shiggy back, however he's not sure what he should do.

One of the twices reaches the tower, and the boss (again not sure of name) comments that unlike Miyashita he has no sophistication.


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